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LUFTOMET is the name for the product range of the end elements of the ventilation system with modern design which are precisely produced . We believe that you will be rightly proud of this technical element of your interior.
Technically sophisticated LUFTOMET will bring not only fresh air into your home, but also light in the LUMEN version. Thanks to the Magnetic Force System it is easy to assemble and service. So, if you want, you can easily replace any product with another.

Product lines

Technical features

Specially designed for ventilation with heat recovery in the residential sector. Suitable for air supply and exhaust up to 100 m3/h.
Easy and tight installation thanks to the Magnetic Force System and mounting ring with the rubber. Design part holds just by neodymium magnets for easy exchange and service.
Lumen can illuminate and ventilate the same time. It helps to decrease the number of openings and other disturbing objects in the ceiling.
Specially designed for ducts 125 mm. Size of design plate is 200x200 mm and circular version diameter 200 mm.
The Magnetic Force System not only holds the design board, but also transmits 12V power for the lighting. Thus, there is no need to work with electrical cables during the ventilation service.
Thanks to the accessories, the air flowing from or into the LUFTOMET can be filtered, directed and regulated.