Plastic ABS/PETG body with EPDM rubber.

Four neodymium magnets.

For the ducts:

- 100 mm (inner diameter 97-103 mm)

- 125 mm (inner diameter 122-128 mm)

- 160 mm (inner diameter 157-163 mm)




LR-S-100-W (white)
LR-S-125-W (white)
LR-S-160-W (white)

LR-S-100-B (black)
LR-S-125-B (black)
LR-S-160-B (black)



LR-S-100-W (white)
LR-S-125-W (white)
LR-S-100-B (black)
LR-S-125-B (black)




LR-J-100-W (white)
LR-J-125-W (white)
LR-J-100-B (black)
LR-J-125-B (black)








In the event of an accident, we offer all Luftomet parts for replacement.

- ring JET, SKY, LUMEN

- LED moduls

- design plates



It regulates the air flow and dampens the noise coming from the ducting.

It is installed in the duct.

The ring is regulated by rotating and removing the segments.

Filter rings with a G3 filter enable filtration of supply and exhaust air.

It is attached to the metal into the mounting ring.

It can be used for Lumen, Sky and Jet.

It can be used in combination with a deflector (the filter is above it).


Material: PETG, EPDM

Colour: White






Plastic Deflector for LUFTOMET Lumen and Sky is tool for directing air flow.

With a wide angle of 95°, this little helper can deflect air to avoid uncomfortable gusts and decrease airflow in certain situations.

The deflector is easily installed between the design plate and mounting frame using two thorns, and is completely removable for your convenience.

Multiple deflectors can also be mounted on one frame (watch pressure loss graph).


Sizes:  95° suitable for Sky and Lumen 100, 125 mm

Color: white or black

Material:  PETG



LP-D-95-W (white)

LP-D-95-B (black)