Short video of the booth - Aquatherm Prague 2024

We are proud to look back on our participation at Aquatherm 2024 in Prague, where we showcased a wide range of innovative new products and solutions.

Here are some of our highlights:
LUFTOMET Distribution Elements:
- Sky: Under-ceiling diffuser for optimal air distribution in offices and commercial spaces.
- Lumen: Under-ceiling diffuser with integrated LED module for combined ventilation and lighting.
- Jet: Wall nozzle with a architectural design.
- Flat: Flexible system of boxes and wall diffusers for renovations and timber-frame buildings with connection options for pipes of 75, 90, and 100 mm diameter.
- Wall Triangle: Intake and exhaust unit for the facade with an aesthetic appearance and functional design.

LUFTooL Air Distribution Components:
- Threaded Distribution Chambers: Simplify installation and ensure perfect sealing.
- Tight Adapters: Prevent air leaks and reduce system noise.
- Trap Pipe Condensate Units: Take away condensate formation and protect pipes from damage.

Last update
11. 3. 2024